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WWIII - China using North Korea to attack South Korea and Japan, Iran threatens Erbil and the US!

This video talks about how China could use North Korea to attack South Korea or even Japan.

Through this attack we would see North Korea could possibly use Nuclear Weapons to attack either or both these nations.

China has a "No Strike First" Nuclear Policy.

So, China would use North Korea to bring us into WWIII.

China could easily threaten Kim Jong-un with his life.

Kim Jong-un would attack South Korea or Japan, or both countries at one time.

This would be with the protection of China.

This would then allow China to attack Taiwan and possibly even attack Japan in the process.

Since we have around 47,000 US troops in South Korea this would bring us into WWIII immediately.

At this time we may or may not have troops in Ukraine.

If we do this could also bring us into WWIII through the war with Russia if our troops are attacked or we are forced to attack Russian troops on Ukrainian soil.

Also, Iran has threaten the capital city of Erbil, Iraq.

This is the regional capital of the Kurds-Medes that are mentioned in Daniel 7, 8, & 11.

I have talked about this for many years now that somehow the Kurds-Medes would have to align with Iran-Persia.

That once this alignment occurred we would see Turkey destroy both these nations (Daniel 8).

I believe this could happen in the next 3 to 6 months.

Isaiah 28-38 states that once Turkey and Egypt align with Israel.

Iran would fall as a nations through Turkey.

But, that once Iran falls, Turkey would then attack Israel.

alignment has already occurred.


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