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Turkey attacks 50 Kurdish Targets Overnight, Top Iran Officer Killed, Israel's 7 Front War Escalates

Updated: May 31

Middle East Update: 12/27/2023

The US military carried out strikes on three sites used by Iran-backed forces in Iraq on Monday after an attack wounded three American personnel earlier in the day, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said.

A tally by US military officials has counted 103 attacks against its troops in Iraq and Syria since October 17, most of which have been claimed by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, which opposes US support for Israel in its war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Iran threatens Israel after senior IRGC officer killed in Syria

Maj. Gen. Razi Mousavi was killed in a missile strike south of Damascus • Tehran's top diplomat warns that "Tel Aviv is waiting for a tough countdown."

Iran’s president to visit Turkey for dialogue on Gaza.

Iran and Turkey have historically had tense relations because they disagree on a number of subjects, most notably the Syrian civil conflict. While Tehran backs President Bashar al-Assad's administration, Ankara supports rebels seeking to overthrow him.

Turkey said on Monday (25 December) its air force “neutralised” 26 Kurdish militants in strikes in Syria and northern Iraq in response to the killing of soldiers at the weekend, while authorities also detained dozens of pro-Kurdish opposition activists.

On Saturday, the defence ministry said 12 Turkish soldiers were killed during fighting with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, prompting Ankara to conduct a barrage of air strikes and operations in the region.

MİT strikes nearly 50 facilities of PKK terrorists in Syria.

The National Intelligence Organization (MİT), which targets the infrastructure and mobility of the PKK, discovered that all materials used by the terrorist organization were produced in its facilities in Syria, according to sources who spoke on condition of anonymity due to media restrictions.

Iraq's government condemned on Tuesday overnight US air strikes on Iraqi military positions that it said killed one serviceman and wounded 18 other people, calling them a "clear hostile act."

The United States has carried out retaliatory air strikes on Monday in Iraq after a one-way drone attack earlier in the day by Iran-aligned militants that left one US service member in critical condition and wounded two others.

Fears of regional escalation as Israel warns of ‘multi-front’ war.

Defence minister tells Knesset that country under attack from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank, Iraq, Yemen and Iran.

Date to watch as we move forward -

Sept. 18 - Oct. 9, 2023 - ramp up of attacks on both Israel on Hamas and Turkey on Kurds.

Oct. 7, 2023 - an attack by Hamas on Israel.

Oct. 9, 2023 - a counter attack and start of invasion into Gaza by Israel.

Oct. 31, 2023 - Yeman Houthis enter the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Nov. 3, 2023 - Hezbollah enters the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Jan. 15, 2024 - 10 Tevet - A siege on Jerusalem by proxies of Iran (Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi's, Iraq, Syria). Another possible date this could happen on is 1/15/2024. The original siege on Jerusalem in 588 BCE was on Jan. 15 based on the information I could find.

Paradigm Timeline Link - This is a new link updated 12/23/2023


God bless.

Time is short.

Repent and get right with Jesus.

Jesus is the only open door to the creator.

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