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The Elect or Chosen of God - 144,000 Sealed.

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Chapter 7 of Revelation talks about how these 4 Angels will hold back these 4 Winds until Revelation 9:13-16 on the sounding 6th Trumpet. (Rev. 9:13-14) (Rev. 11:1-14) (Rev. 12:4) Rev. 12:9) (Rev. 12:12) (Rev. 13:1-18) (Rev. 17:8) (Isaiah 14:11-15) (Isaiah 14:15) (Isaiah 14:19-20). God's Elect (144,000) are chosen on the 7th Seal. They will go head-to-head in spiritual battle with Antichrist. (Rev. 11:15) (Isaiah 18:3) (Zech. 9:14) (1 Cor. 15:50-52) (1 Thes. 4:4-17) (Joel 2-1-11, 15-16) (Zephaniah 1:14-16). Then all the Saints, Elect & Martyrs will be raptured (Rev. 15:2) (1 Corinthians 15:50-53) (1 Thes. 4:13-18) (Daniel 7:18), and Tabernacle with God. (Rev. 21:3) (Psalms 24:7-10) (Psalms 118:19-20) (Hosea 2:16, 19-20). ____________________________________ Four angels stand at 4 corners of Earth and angels hold back winds of the earth. Told not to hurt earth till God’s servants (Elect) and chosen and sealed (144,000 from the 12 tribes). (Rev. 7:1:8). Great multitude of Martyrs of all Nations, from Great Tribulation, appear in heaven. (Rev. 7:9-10) (Rev. 14:1-5) (Rev. 15-2). - Great Tribulation starts after Antichrist commits Abomination of Desolation. ____________________________________ * Notice not everyone gets to be with Jesus for the 1,000 years or Millennium. This is for the Elect, Martyrs & Saints from Great Tribulation to the time our Lord comes back on the 7th Trumpet. They are the one Jesus knows are His true teachers, priests and followers that stood by Him through the worst time on the planet. But, Jesus will have one last cleaning of these ranks and release Satan at the end of the 1,000 years so Jesus can remove the bad chaff or the ones have fallen away from Christ to Satan. ____________________________________ It is not until Revelation 20:11 does The White Throne of God appear and we see the dead in the earth, sea and hell brought forward to be judged in the Book of Life. ____________________________________ They are the Priests and Teachers and are with Jesus for 1,000 years to get ready for the masses to come or the rest of the dead that are not Elect, Martyrs or Saints. (Rev. 20:6). Satan is loosened after the 1,000 years period for a short time. (Rev. 20:7). * 2nd Gog-Magog War. Satan goes out to deceive the Nations. (Rev. 20:8). Fire devours the fallen Elect, Martyrs & Saints that follow Satan. (Rev. 20:9). Satan is then thrown in the Lake of Fire forever where the Antichrist & False Prophet already are. They will be tormented there forever & ever. (Rev. 20:10). Great White Throne appears with God on it. (Rev. 20:11) (Daniel 7:9, 21 & 22). The dead great and small stand before God. (Rev. 20:12) (Acts 17:31) (Isaiah 26:19) (2 Corn. 5:10, 12-13). The books are opened including the Book of Life. (Rev. 20:12) (Acts 17:31) (Isaiah 26:19) (2 Corn. 5:10, 12-13). The dead are judged according to their works. (Rev. 20:12) (Acts 17:31) (Isaiah 26:19) (2 Corn. 5:10, 12-13). The Sea gives up its dead which are in it. (Rev. 20:13). Death & Hell delivered up the dead in them. (Rev. 20:13). Death & Hell are thrown into the Lake of Fire. This is the 2nd Death. (Rev. 20:14). Of the dead on the planet, in the sea and in Hell. Whoever is not found in the Book of Life is cast into the Lake of Fire. (Rev. 20:15).

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