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Paradigm Update: Could Turkey attack Iran-Persia in January of 2023 based on Daniel 10:4 & 10:13?

This video talks about how Daniel is taken into a vision of the destruction of Iran-Persia by Turkey (Grecia) and Archangel Michael (Daniel 10:4 & 10:13).

That this war could last only 21 days once the attack starts (Daniel 10:13).

That after 21 days the Archangel would "himself" go against Iran and destroy this nation through the use of Grecia (Turkey).

Based on my interpterion, if this is the case, we would see the Kurds-Medes align with Iran-Persia within the next 2 months or so.

Then once this occurs we would see an attack by Turkey on 1/14/2023.

That this war would last 21 days and by Feb. 14, 2023 we would see the nation of Iran-Persia & the Kurds-Medes both will fall.

Is this prophecy and interpretation right?

We will know in the next 3 months.

God bless and be safe.

Protect you families and have faith in the Lord Jesus.


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