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Markets are in Trouble, Banks are Failing, Bitcoin could drop below $5,000.00 in this next leg down!

Market Update:

This is my opinion on where I believe the markets are heading.

I believe we are in a potenetial "Head and Shoulder Pattern" that could take us down to Bitcoin below $5,000.00, or even below $1,000.00, or even negative.

This is based on trend lines and a decending wedge that could break up or down, in this case the trend is down.


If this plays out.

Bitcoin will not get over $29,000, or just barely over it.

- (It did get to $30,379.70 on April 18, 2023).

It will drop down into the neckline under $20,000.

Once it goes back to the "Neckline" it will move back to around $24,000-25,000 (Forming the right shoulder).

It will then crash and could even go negative based on the 2 last drops.


I am not a financial advisor, I am just seeing a trend down and that this trend down could take some time to complete, weeks to months. But, we are heading to the Apex which is down.

Note: I did make a mistake and showed the last down leg on the edge of the right shoulder. If applied to the Neckline then it could drop to easily below $1,000.00.


God bless.

Time is short.

Repent and get right with Jesus.

Jesus is the only open door to the creator.

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