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Market Warning - Fed will Pivot back to .5 rate hike on March 22 - this could drop markets 30%.

Market Update -

I believe I see a trend that will force the Fed (Powell) to move rates back the other way (Pivot) back to .5 intrest rate hike from .25.

The Fed will make their next rate decision on March 22.

This could drop the markets another 30%.

I believe this will be the 2nd leg down of 3.

The Fed is chasing the 2-year bond with the Federal Terminal Rate. Once he catches the 2-year bond and it stabalizies, he will then Pivot back to reduction of rates. This is not going to happen in 2023-2024. He will be forced to chase the 2-year bond and move interest rates up, possibly as high as 7-9% at the low end.

This will destroy the sub-prime and prime markets (Auto, Home, Commercial, etc.) and we will see bank tighten and not lend and rates will move up on everything.

This could be much worse than the early 1970's when we saw home mortgages spike to 18% or higher.

Get ready for the pain and see what will happen on March 22 when the next Fed announcement will be.

Also, watch to see if they start to talk about moving back to a.5 rate hike prior to the March 22 meeting. This could signal to the markets that pain is coming and the start of the 2nd downturn of 3 that I have been talking about.


God bless.

Time is short.

Repent and get right with Jesus.

Jesus is the only open door to the creator.

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