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Lesson #1 - Reading Revelation in chronological order once you remove John's 3 additional visions!

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

The 3 Woes & 3 Trumps and why the warning in Revelation 8:13 is so important.

I believe the Book of Revelation is not that complicated if you realize John is removed 3 times while in heaven and has 3 additional visions.

1). A vision of the Elect - Chapter 7 (A vision between Chapter 6 & 8, end of the 6th seal, start of the 7th Seal).

2). A vision of the Nations and Peoples - Chapters 11-14 (Given a scroll in 10:7 and has a vision for 4 chapters).

3). A vision of Mystery Babylon - Chapters 17-19 (Has a vision in 17:1, which runs 3 chapters).

If you just read the "14 Main-Chapters" of Revelation and then layer in the "8 Sub-Chapters" it makes a complete and logic chronological book.

So read these chapters in this order:

Chapters 1-6 (end of 6th Seal).

Chapters 8-10:7 (Start of 7th Seal to the end of the 6th Trumpet, 7th Trumpet is not blown). Chapters 15-16 (7th Trumpet blown and 7 Bowls of God's Wrath are handed out). This goes to the 6th Bowl. Antichrist and False Prophet are thrown in the Lake of Fire. Satan is bound for 1,000 years.

Chapters 20-22 (After the 1,000 years, God throws Satan in Lake of Fire with Anitchrist and False Prophet).

- Then layer in the "8 Sub-Chapters" or John's 3 additional visions.

Look for these 4 main events to occur once in the main chapters:

During the the 7 Seals, 1/4 of the Earth is thrust into war.

Rev. 8:1-2 state that 7 Seals break 1st and then God hands out 7 Trumpets.1st 4 Trumpets destroy 1/3 of the Earth, possibly the Communist Areas of the planet.

1). 5th Trumpet - Rev. 9:1-2 - Satan falls from heaven and Bottomless Pit opens.

2). 6th Trumpet - Rev. 9:13 - Antichrist & False Prophet rises.

3). 1,260 Days/3 1/2 years/42 months - Rev. 9:15 - time Antichrist is given power on earth.

4). 7th Trumpet - Rev. 15:1-2 - 7 Bowls of God's wrath handed out, Lord's return, Rapture.

We are not appointed for God's Wrath or the 7 Bowls.

Once you see how to read the 22 chapters in the proper order it will make all things easier to understand and place or layer other prophetic books into Revelation.


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