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Daniel 8 Update: Turkey & Azerbaijan run joint military drills on Iranian border prepping for attack

Updated: May 31

In this video I talk about how Turkey and Azerbaijan are holding joint military drills on the Iranian border.

This is preparation for a full scale invasion of Iran by 1/24/2023, based on my Paradigm.

That Turkey will attack from at least 3 directions since Turkey controls Afghanistan through the Taliban, Turkistan areas, Azerbaijan, Syria, and Iraq.

This would be a coordinated attack through drones, air, land, and even possibly sea through the Caspian Sea.

Daniel 10:4 & 10:13, state that this attack on Iran-Persia would last 21 days and then God would send Archangel Michael against this nation and it would fall quickly.


God bless.

Time is short.

Repent and get right with Jesus.

Jesus is the only open door to the creator.

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