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Daniel 8 Update: Major Explosion on Istanbul Turkey & SDF Allow Turkey to occupy Syria.

This video goes over the explosion that Occurred in Istanbul in the last few hours. Many people were injured or killed.

Did this have anything to do with the Kurds?

Turkey is looking into who is responsible for this action.

Also, the SDF (Syrian Defense Force) has now given the green light to Ankara, Turkey (Capital City) that they now have safe passage to occupy Syria to deal with the terrorist's threat in Iraq and Syria.

Daniel 8 Prophecy states that once the Kurds-Medes align or join somehow with Iran-Persia, Turkey would crush both these nations.

Daniel 10:4 & 13 state this war will be led by Turkey and that it would only last 21 days total.

That the Arch-Angel Michael would intervene and Iran would fall quickly.

It states 24th day of the 1st month (1/24/2023).

We will see what happens.


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