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Daniel 8 & 10 Update: U.S. & Israel launch largest military exercise in history, Hamas prep for war!

Daniel 8 & 10 Update:

U.S. and Israel launch a massive joint military exercise to send a message to Iran and others.

Could the US and Israel launch a joint attack on Iran in the next week or by the end of these drills? The US would have the personnal and equipment to hit Iran hard with combination of Israel air and missile strike on Iran facilities.

An estimated 130,000 Israelis attended demonstrations at various locations across Israel.

Hezbollah erects new watchtowers on Lebanon border as IDF builds defensive wall.

18-meter tall observation post rises as UN peacekeeping force breaks up another tense standoff between Israeli and Lebanese soldiers on border.

Lebanese army, UNIFIL block IDF border work in the North.

Although Israel and the Lebanese government have generally agreed on "the Blue Line" as a border between the countries, Hezbollah does not recognize this line.

Hamas lobby group in the UK accuses Israeli lawmakers of racism

Anti-Israel lobby group in the UK linked to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood launches new campaign accusing Israeli ministers of racism.

Blinken to visit Israel next week amid US concern over new government.

Trip will be second by a senior American official in as many weeks as Washington tries to steer Israel away from volatile moves in West Bank, Jerusalem.

Israeli security forces on Friday evacuated Jewish activists from a makeshift camp they had erected in the West Bank only hours only earlier.

EU imposes new Iran sanctions, won't brand Guards 'terrorists' for now.

U.S. hits Iran with fresh sanctions amid subsiding protests.

The moves suggest that the United States and its allies believe Iran’s government remains unusually vulnerable due to an internal protest movement that began in mid-September.

Iranian, Russian Speakers Call for Strategic Cooperation.


Daniel 8, Isaiah 28-38, and Jeremiah 26-45 all tell you what is coming next.

1. The Kurds and Iran will align and Turkey will crush both nations.

2. Egypt and Turkey will align with Israel.

3. Once Iran falls, Turkey will attack Egypt & Israel.

These prophecies will play out by the end of this year.


God bless.

Time is short.

Repent and get right with Jesus.

Jesus is the only open door to the creator.

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