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13 Hezbollah Attacks In 14 Hours, IDF strikes in Lebanon as Hezbollah rockets rain on Israel's North

Updated: May 31

Middle East Update: Hezbollah - 2/24/2024

IDF strikes in Lebanon as Hezbollah rockets rain on Israel's North.

Sirens sounded in Arab el Aramsha, Hanita, Har Dov, and the northern city of Kiryat Shmona on Saturday afternoon in another day of Hezbollah rocket fire threatening Israel's North.

The Israeli army on Saturday said it bombed Hezbollah targets in four different areas in southern Lebanon, Anadolu reports.

“During the night, warplanes attacked launch positions and infrastructures of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the Jabal Blat area,” an Israeli army statement said.

The Israel-Lebanon border is on the boil amid a ferocious fight between Hezbollah and the IDF. The Lebanese group launched a total of 13 back-to-back attacks on IDF positions.

Hezbollah mainly used Katyusha missiles to hit the Israeli defence forces' targets. For the first time, Hezbollah also targeted the Matzuva settlement near the border. The revenge strikes came after the IDF bombed several sites in southern Lebanon.

U.S. has frozen mediation efforts in the north until a ceasefire is reached in Gaza.

Saturday morning a warning was issued to residence over an attempted infiltration by hostile aircraft in several localities in the Upper Galilee.

In a message to the United Nations Security Council, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has highlighted Iran's escalated weapons deliveries to Hezbollah through Syria.

Katz underscored Israel's right to protect its territory and citizens against such threats, emphasizing the urgent need for action.

Addressing the UNSC on Thursday, Katz condemned Iran's disregard for international resolutions, particularly citing violations of UNSC resolutions.

"Over the past months, while Israel is engaged in an ongoing armed conflict on numerous fronts, Iran is accelerating the pace of its weapons transfers to Hezbollah," wrote the foreign minister. "Iran is doing so by ground, using the porous Syrian-Lebanese border, as well as by air and sea, in violation of UNSCR 1701."

Israel has a wide variety of climatic conditions, caused mainly by the country's diverse topography. There are two distinct seasons: a cool, rainy winter (October–April) and a dry, hot summer (May–September). Along the coast, sea breezes have a moderating influence in summer, and the Mediterranean beaches are popular.

* So, watch for a potential breakout in this war in March & April due to winter ending and the wet season goes away. Tanks can't move in mud.

Dates to watch:

April 8, 2024 - Total Solar Eclipse that finishes a large "A" over this country from "4" Total Eclipses in the last 7 years.

August 21, 2017

June 10, 2021

Oct. 14, 2023

April 8, 2024

April 8, 2024 on my Timeline below shows a possible 6th Seal Event on April 8, 2024; with a signing of a 7-year treaty with the nations and Antichrist on April 20, 2024.

Ramadan runs from the Evening of Sun, Mar 10, 2024 – Tue, Apr 9, 2024.

2 things to keep watching is Hezbollah & Turkey in the next 2 months.

April 20, 2024 (Hitler's B-day) - signing of a 7-year treaty with the nations and Antichrist.

It is exactly 1260 days, 3 1/2 years, or 42 months from April 20, 2024 to Oct. 2, 2027; which falls on the Feasts of Trumpets or Fall Feasts.

Passover holiday begins before sundown on Monday, April 22, 2024, and ends after nightfall on April 30, 2024.

Psalm 90:10 Timeline Link - This is a new link updated 1/27/2024


God bless.

Time is short.

Repent and get right with Jesus.

Jesus is the only open door to the creator.

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