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The Next War - Turkey, Iran, & the Kurds - Daniel 8:1-10 tells us what is coming next in the future!

This video explain how Russia to brokering a deal with the United States to allow Iran to export oil to slow down fuel prices in the United States and globally.

All this while Russia has created a war against Ukraine and genociding the these people and has created a fuel war against the NATO countries and the world.

The Iran wants their Revolutionary Guard removed off the global terrorist list in concessions.

How Turkey is working with Israel to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb in the next few weeks or months so Iran does not Nuke Israel as Iran has pledged they would do.

Finland and Sweden have applied for inclusion into NATO, but Turkey is holding this process up because they want to Finland and Sweden to declare the Kurds as Terrorists.

That they will not allow the inclusion if the don't agree.

Will NATO abandon the Kurds?

Will this allow Turkey to genocide them and start the beginning to Daniel 8:1-10?

Erdogan, the President of Turkey, believes Biden is a Kurd.

So, Erdogan has no respect for Biden or the United States at this point.

Daniel 8:1-10 states that once the Medes-Kurds align with Persia-Iran, that Turkey would crush both these nations.

The Goat (Turkey) will destroy the 2 Horned Ram (Iran-Persia & Kurds-Medes) once they align. Turkey now has surrounded Iran on 3 sides.

God tells us how this will end.

Turkey will destroy both these nations in the next 6 to 12 months.

Well see what happens.


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