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Rapture & New Resurrection Bodies, what are they, how do they effect us in the Millennium & Eternity

Updated: May 8, 2022

The Resurrection Body! God tells us as believer in Jesus, you will receive a Resurrection Body.

This is a concept I do not believe most understand or even think about.

So, what does the Bible say about what this Resurrection Body.

Is it a flesh body?

Is it a spiritual body?

Is it a combination of both?

Let find out.

Resurrection teaches that your Soul & your Spirit are forever one.

That when we add the Flesh Body to the Soul & Spirit you are a unique person.

When you die, your Flesh Body is buried in the ground, but your Spirit and your Soul immediately goes to be with Jesus in heaven.

The Resurrection will take place in the future during the Rapture.

This event has 2 phases as I will explain later – one for the Dead and one for the Living.

If you are a follower of Jesus; whether you are dead or alive you will be raptured to be with Jesus in the clouds.

If you have died as a believer in Jesus prior to the return of Jesus, your dead body will be reunited with your Spirit & your Soul.

If you survive through everything to the time of the 2nd coming of Jesus, you will be removed and taken to meet Jesus in the clouds.

The resurrection will take place when Jesus returns.

The Bible says that Jesus will come to the clouds, from there Jesus will call the dead believers back to life giving them a new Resurrection Body.

At that time, uniting this Resurrection Body to their Soul and their Spirit.

Those of us who believe and are alive.

Will be changed in a moment.

We will receive a new Resurrection Body in an instant and that we will meet the Lord Jesus in the air (clouds).

The Bible says the Resurrection Body will be a Spirit Body.

- We will have a different skin.

- We will not have blood.

- We will not have disabilities.

- We will not decay.

- There will be no sin.

- There will be no death.

In our Resurrection Body we will live forever.

Think of the possibilities we will have when the burdens of the flesh are not our burdens anymore.

We will not have disease.

We will not age.

We will not have any physical limitations as with the flesh body.

We will not feel heat or cold.

So many more things, too numerous to list, but think of the possibilities.

The Bible says we cannot understand all the things this Resurrection Body can do.

God says this is part of the mystery as we move into the millennium and the eternity.

God tells us that if we believe in Jesus, all will receive this Resurrection Body and we will live forever with him.


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