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How Daniel 11 shows us that Iran-Persia will be destroyed and fall as a nation by the end of 2022!

Updated: May 15, 2022

Daniel 11:1-4 talks about the leader of the Kurds-Medes will stand up with Iran-Persia and once this occurs we would see Turkey (Grecia) destroy them both.

Erdogan is the 1st Seal or White Horseman that bring 1/4 of the world into war (middle east).

That 4 kings of Iran-Persia would occur at the last days and once the 4 king gained power he would be destroyed by Turkey (Grecia).

That even the Leader of Turkey (Grecia) would be destroyed at the end and delivered into the 4 winds of heaven.

Daniel 8 says - Turkey will crush Iran and the Kurds.

That once this occurs 10 nations of Muslims will join together and end up in Egypt prior to going north and attacking Israel (Ezekiel 38-39).

But, that this attack on Israel would fail and all the nations that attack Israel would be destroyed by the Wrath of the Lamb (Jesus) in Rev. 6:16.

Since Erdogan gained Power in 2002; we have now had 4 Iranian presidents.

1). Mohammad Khatami - 1997-2005

2). Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - 2005-2013

3). Hassan Rouhani - 2013-2021

4). Ebrahim Raisi - 2021 - Daniel says 4 leaders of Iran would occur and then this nation would fall.


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