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Daniel 8 Update: Turkey blames Kurdish for Istanbul bombing, ramps up attacks on Kurds in Syria!

This video is an update to a another video I did on 11/13/2022.

Turkey was attacked by a suicide bomber that killed and inquired many people in Istanbul, Turkey on 11/13/2022.

I had posted the earlier video in my concern that this might be a Kurdish attack on Turkey and that this would accelerate and ramp up attacks on the Kurds in Syria.

The SDF (Syrian Defense Force) now has given Turkey the greenlight to occupy Syria with a military force.

I believe we should be watching for an attack on Iran soon once the Kurds-Medes are forced to align with them.

Daniel 8 states that Turkey would crush both these nations once this occurs.

Daniel 10:4 & 10:13 states this war will only last 21 days and that based on my Paradigm this attack would start on 1/24/2023 and conclude on 2/14/2023 and God has stated. ____________________________

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