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Daniel 8 & 10 Update: Iran attacks Turkish Base, Massive Explosion in Pakistan, Israel cracks down!

Daniel 8 & 10 Update:

Netanyahu gives Israelis ‘green light to shoot Palestinians’.

Israeli PM’s plan to expedite gun permits for Israelis gives the go-ahead to inflict more violence on Palestinians, analysts say.

Settlements to be ‘strengthened’ in wake of Jerusalem attacks, Israeli PM says.

Israel Reportedly Behind Overnight Drone Attack at Iranian Defense Facility.

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians across West Bank as escalation looms.

Israel Police Start Demolition of Illegal Houses in East Jerusalem.

Israel ‘Vows’ To Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Facility; Deadly Combo Of US-Origin F-15EX & GBU-57 Could Do The Job?

Aircraft said to strike convoy of Iranian militia trucks on Syria-Iraq border.

EU to consider listing Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as terrorists.

US issues another warning of possible terrorist attacks in Turkey.

6.3 magnitude earthquake jolts parts of Pakistan: Report | World News - Hindustan Times.

Indonesian Muslims protest Quran burning in Sweden.

Death toll from Pakistan mosque suicide bombing rises to 74.

Eight rockets fired at Turkish base in Iraq - Kurdish security group.


Daniel 8, Isaiah 28-38, and Jeremiah 26-45 all tell you what is coming next.

1. The Kurds and Iran will align and Turkey will crush both nations.

2. Egypt and Turkey will align with Israel.

3. Once Iran falls, Turkey will attack Egypt & Israel.

These prophecies will play out by the end of this year.


God bless.

Time is short.

Repent and get right with Jesus.

Jesus is the only open door to the creator.

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