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CPI Inflation came in HOT! Bonds Melt-Up, Markets Tank, Bitcoin drops, Fed can't lower rates in June

Market Update: 4/10/2024

CPI inflation number comes in Hot.

PPI inflation number comes out tomorrow.

Bank earnings start on Friday.

All inflation indicators came in higher than expected across the board.

This sent the Bond Market into a Melt-up with the 2-Year pushing a 5% rate again.

Bitcoin melts-down toward $60,000. If it falls through this support it will fall to the next supoort around $42,500.

Fear factor hits when it drops below $40,000.

Gold is close to all time high. Silver is pushing over $28.00.

30-Year fixed will push closer to 8.0%.

All debt payments will go up and force people to make harder choices.

Dates to watch:

April 10, 2024 - Possible Total Siege on Jerusalem through Hezbollah and proxies of Iran (10-nations attacking Israel).

April 10, 2024 - Isaac Herzog (President of Israel) could possibly be captured on the 1st day of the Siege on Jerusalem (As it occured in history during the 1st Siege on Jerusalem (588-589 BCE).

April 10, 2024 (Nisan 2) - Red Heifer Sacrifice will happen on this date based on The Temple Institute information on their web site.

Ramadan runs from the Evening of Sun, Mar 10, 2024 – Tue, Apr 9, 2024.

Psalm 90:10 Timeline Link - This is a new link updated 3/11/2024


God bless.

Time is short.

Repent and get right with Jesus.

Jesus is the only open door to the creator.

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