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2020 Double Portion Judgement over the United States - Supreme Court Abortion Ruling & Trump Treaty

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This video explains why both the 2020 Supreme Court Abortion Ruling & 2020 Trump Treaty is a potential double portion judgement against the United States.

As we work into this 6-7 astrological conjunction/alignment and Blood Moon Event directly over the United States on July 4-5, 2020, this will start a judgement against this country.

We must stop dividing God's land and stop the destruction of innocent life.

Until we protect life and stop dividing this Holy Land, we will stay under judgement.

But, if Erdogan of Turkey is truly the White Horseman or 1st Seal of Revelation, there is no turning back. That God once he had His son Jesus break this 1st seal during Yom Kippur (Oct. 9, 2019), this chain of events started and now there is no turning back. Get right with God.

Time is short and the only open door is through the belief in our Lord, Jesus.

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